27 Jul 2024

Ian Wallace has been a professional musician for over 25 years; including for two decades in the United Kingdom and Europe, before returning to New Zealand in 2018. He now presents his latest album, Shadow-Box; a collection of original works written in 2022.

Whilst in the UK and Europe, Ian collaborated with a range of musicians including the Holly Rose Webber band, Sean Taylor, and Chris Simpson from Magna Carta. He also held residency playing jazz and blues at the Harrogate Brasserie

For the past six years, Ian has been based in New Plymouth leading local band, Superfly; a regular performer at weddings, corporate functions and, for the past two years – at New Plymouth’s Christmas at the Bowl.

For his performance of Shadow-Box, Ian has established a new band featuring some of Taranaki’s finest musicians, including; Jarrod Hooper (drums), Matt Flower (bass), Sarah Foreman (piano), Helen Griffiths (backing vocals and violin) and Karla Kimi (backing vocals).

Shadow-box canvasses a range of styles that have resonated with Ian from his vast musical career, from ballads to jazz and funk. Ian is excited to share, in this one-night only performance at the 4th Wall Theatre, all songs from the Shadow-box album including (as a treat) a few previously unreleased bonus songs from his UK days.

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7:30pm Saturday 27th July

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