Featuring Kita Trio

26 Aug 2021

GITBOX: Pidgin for the group's chosen instrument, the steel-string acoustic guitar

REBELLION: A subversion of the orthodoxy in the guitar's native jazz/blues/rock tradition. 

Gitbox Rebellion is an innovative and exciting 6 piece Guitar ensemble, performing  intricate and clever original compositions as well as a few much loved guitar hero covers, such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Guitar Boogie… Gitbox has to be heard live to fully appreciate the acoustic guitar and the differences each player brings to the instrument.

Described as “Igor Stravinsky meets Pete Townshend,” the group’s music - is a joyous collision of worlds, managing to be infectiously moody, upbeat, grungy and intricately textured all at once. 

Honouring the beautiful character of acoustic guitar, Gitbox Rebellion’s exuberant blend of jazz, rock, folk and classical will have you in sonic raptures.  Extraordinary live, they’ll have you hooked from the first fingerpick to the last.



“[They] played with a discipline and rapport that would be the envy of any classical chamber orchestra. In sum, Gitbox Rebellion provide stimulating, intelligent, and above all, approachable music.”  NZ Herald

An acclaimed multi-member performance unit of uncanny ability and chemistry, Gitbox Rebellion make their guitars sound atmospheric, chaotic and orchestral – and better than you could ever imagine.

Nigel Gavin, a former member of Robert Fripp’s League of Crafty Guitarists said, “Back in the mid 80’s I was fascinated by the gamelan music of Bali.  The music had many levels and included beginner players with the more experienced players.  So I decided to apply that idea with all the students.  I was teaching at the School of Creative Musicianship in Mt Eden, in 1987 and some of my students, Kim Halliday, Russell Hughes and Jon Pease, original members of Gitbox Rebellion, became my guinea pigs for the first project. 

The experiment proved successful, creating special musical games and structures for the group to piece together.  The resulting sound was very harmonious, and before long concerts, tours and albums were happening.  We received a small grant which enabled us to release our first album called, “Pesky Digits”, soon followed by the second release, “Touch Wood”.  At this point Rattle records was created in order to release this music into the world.  Since then Rattle has gone on to receive world attention for their high quality catalogue.”  

Gitbox have just released their third album for Rattle called “Curveball” which they will tour with Arts on Tour.  The show will open with the Kita Trio – Gypsy swing music from three members of the ensemble.

Show Times

7:30pm Thursday 26th August 

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$25 All Tickets

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"This year, 2021, is Rattle’s 30th anniversary as an advocate for New Zealand art-music, and it gives us enormous pleasure to mark the occasion with a new album from Gitbox, the band that kicked things off for the label three decades ago with their much-loved and widely acclaimed Pesky Digits, Rattle’s very first release back in 1991.  As curveballs go, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer one. The group’s music is as unique and vibrant as ever, just as Rattle’s enthusiasm for artists who follow their own compass is not only undiminished but even more determined as we move into our fourth decade."

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