Jan Preston

Jan Preston Reviews

25 Aug 2019 - 25 Aug 2019

One woman, a piano and a whole lot of talent. 3 Weeks Edinburgh From boogie woogie to ragtime the air pulsates with the magical rhythms she produces….a forceful presence and a huge performance energy. ChCh Star NZ One of the best pianists of our time, Preston masters the piano like a maestro juggling the keys. Her voice is suave and sens... more
Andrew London Trio

Andrew London Trio Reviews

30 Aug 2019 - 30 Aug 2019

... more
James Reid

James Reid Reviews

18 Sep 2019 - 18 Sep 2019

... more
The Flaming Mudcats

The Flaming Mudcats Reviews

20 Sep 2019 - 20 Sep 2019

... more
The Kugels

The Kugels Reviews

29 Sep 2019 - 29 Sep 2019

... more
Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole Reviews

24 Nov 2019 - 24 Nov 2019

PRAISE FOR FIRST SINGLE, 'VIOLINS'"That's a completely extraordinary record... it's got that electronic sound like the best of Prefab Sprout or China Crisis, but very definitely 21st Century, a really fresh sound to it with dark, dark lyrics. Lloyd Cole is back at his very best." Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6)... more


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