Women’s Adventure Film Tour

1st March 2019

Women's Adventure Film Tour features some of the world's most inspiring women in adventure.
This festival is a celebration of the fantastic women around us who are doing extraordinary things and is to be enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages.

Being adventurous doesn’t always have to mean being the fastest, going the highest or doing the most extreme things. Adventure for the most of us is stepping outside our comfort zone and climbing our own personal Everest. For this season, we have a unique selection of films that have been carefully chosen to show awesome women achieving their adventurous goals. The films showcase real stories about women from a variety of cultures and sports with a strong focus on Australian and New Zealand

RUNNING TIME 103 Minutes with interval 

Film 1 – Hayley: 90 Seconds of Fear

Before walking a 52-meter highline at 2800 altitude in midst winter, Hayley was asked about fear. She replied with her favourite quote from Frank Herbert's "Dune". “I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.” That’s the mantra of American, Hayley Ashburn, as she walks a 170-foot highline between outcroppings in the wintry Dolomites.

Film 2 – Mothered by Mountains

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, Nepal’s leading female mountain guide, has been on top of the tallest peaks on Earth. When she teams up to make a first ascent with an unlikely partner - local punk-rock icon, Sareena Rai - they both find that the paths to the greatest summits lie within. The  plan to bring Akita and Rai together for an ambitious objective: motorcycle from Kathmandu to mountains, then bag a first ascent. But the white-male-directed adventure falls flat, and the women end up doing it their own way, bonding as they go over issues like motherhood, family and the pressures of society on their gender. 

Film 3 – Persian Powder

Endless powder fields and a magnitude of potential lines aren't immediately what you may think of when talking about Iran. This film tells the story of Iranian pro snowboarder Mona Seraji who invites two fellow snowboarders from Australia, Amber Arazny and Michaela Davis-Meehan, to come discover the wonderful mountains of Iran.  “One of the unique delights of this endearing short film, in addition to glimpses of a country and culture we hear so little about (and rarely anything positive), is that fretted lutes, ancient Persian percussions and haunting Farsi vocals perfectly counterweight the very modern, very cool, hip-hop segments of the musical score.”

Film 4 – Trial and Error

Janine Jungfels started riding Bike Trials in 2005 and has been competing internationally since 2009. In 2015, she made history by being the first Australian to win the gold medal at the UCI Trials World Championships in Andorra. Her achievements also include winning the 2014 & 2015 Female MTB of the Year award. Janine is making a name for herself as being Australia’s only female Trials rider who competes against the men. She has taken out the Australian Expert Championship title in 2011, 2013 & 2015 proving she’s an exciting talent to keep your eye on. 

Film 5 – The Ascent

At just eight-years-old, Queensland adventurer Alyssa Azar became the youngest person to cross the Kokoda track. At twelve, she conquered Australia’s 10 highest peaks and then, at 14, Mt Kilimanjaro.  In 2014, Alyssa survived the avalanche that killed 16 Sherpa and, in 2015, the Nepal earthquake that killed 22 climbers to become the deadliest disaster in the mountain’s history. In 2016, Alyssa returned to successfully summit Earth’s highest peak as a 19-year-old, making her the youngest Australian to do so. The Ascent documents the final weeks in the lead up to Alyssa’s departure to Nepal and her return from the successful expedition, offering a rare glimpse into the unique regime and inspiring mindset of Australia’s boldest young adventurer

Film 6 – Why Not Now: Vivian Stancil

Blind and afraid of water, Vivian Stancil learned to swim at 48. “I heard that blind people can’t swim,” Stancil says, followed “Oh, yes they can!”  When Vivian Stancil was 48 years old, her doctor told her that she needed to immediately improve her health. Despite being afraid of the water—she’s legally blind and had never been in a pool before—she was determined to learn how to swim for exercise.  Two hundred and twenty-one medals later, now at 70 years and half her former body weight, Stencil is still at it. She’s an award winning senior Olympic swimmer who has started a foundation that provides free swim lessons to kids and adults.

Film 7 – Tiger Cat

"I would be lying if I said I don’t get scared." As a highly accomplished rock climber, Monique Forestier has completed some very difficult climbs around the world and along the way she became the first Australian woman to climb routes graded 31, 32, 33 and 34. To put that into perspective, the top grade climbed by an Australian male is 35.  Tiger Cat shows the determination and perseverance required to succeed at the top end of rock climbing on a project that pushed Monique to her limit.

Film 8 – Discovering Adventure 

We are never too young to adventure and this special tour edit of the film Discovering Adventure, documents 5-year old, Isabelle Green's, greatest adventure yet: traveling with her family to Norway to SKY CAMP in the winter snow, paragliding over barren mountain ranges and driving dog sled teams. In her parents', Tim & Maile's, capable hands along with a scant but seasoned crew of sailors, navigators and explorers, she is immersed in a series of breath-taking experiences in the wintry north.

Film 9 – Mongolia (Working Title)

Mongolia is a special project that has been completed for the Women’s Adventure Film Tour. The film is the story of 13 women travelling across Mongolia in aid of women survivors of war. The film features the team from Women on a Mission Singapore who we assisted to produce the film after meeting at our screening of Women’s Adventure Film Tour in Singapore earlier this year. It is in the final stages of production with the support from She Went Wild and Adventure Film Tours.

Film 10 – Breaking the Cycle: Greenland

Australian expedition cyclist Dr. Kate Leeming travels through Northeast Greenland to test a custom made Christini all-wheel-drive fat bike in polar conditions in preparation for her record-breaking Antarctic traverse. Kate Leeming is an extraordinary Australian adventurer who has overcome a battle with depression to conquer the world on a bike. As an explorer/adventurer, she has cycled the equivalent distance of twice around the world at the Equator. 

Film 11 – Taranaki

Picture a terrifyingly steep, snow-covered mountain chute land mined with cliffs, trees and hidden drop offs. This is the sort of terrain Janina Kuzma navigates for a living. Kuzma represents New Zealand in free skiing at the Winter Olympics and is a 7-time New Zealand Big Mountain Champion, 2 time Canadian Freeski Champion, 2 time World Heli Challenge Champion and achieved second overall in the world for half pipe. This film follows Janina, Australian Olympic skier Anna Segal and Swedish free skier Evelina Nillson on a journey to climb and ski New Zealand’s largest volcano, Mt Taranaki. It celebrates the spirt of adventure and comradery we enjoy in the outdoors.

Film 12 – Three Women and Three Old Men

Three women and the three old men' is a story of three women's journey to climb three of Scotland's remote sea stacks in just three days to raise money for a local charity who provide opportunities for disadvantaged youths in climbing. This film showcases exactly what the Women’s Adventure Film Tour is all about – real people, enjoying real adventure.



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