Starring Chris Green

21 Feb - 22 Feb

One man’s play on love and memory

May was an athlete and an artist, ambitious, headstrong, brilliant, beautiful – and now she has disappeared. The Man who loved her does nothing but try to find her again, but as he tells and retells their story, he starts to learn that ‘remembering is a game for two players’.

A moving solo play on mystery, laughter, loss, love and memory, UNDER is a revolving door of emotions.

Has May abandoned him? Has she suffered a terrible accident and lies undiscovered? Anything is plausible, but this unknowing builds up the tension of The Man's dilemma.

The Man attempts to frame the mysterious vanishing via a range of interpretations from his past yet remains in limbo by the unresolved present. The audience gets to know of May through this reminiscing and understand how much she means to him.

UNDER is a deeply moving and poetic play, written by award-winning young playwright Cassandra Tse specifically for Green to perform and shortlisted for Auckland Theatre Company's "The Next Stage" and commended for PANZ Long Play Award 2017.

The premiere season in Wellington delighted critics who responded with a full range of superlatives: 
“I have never seen this sentiment echoed with such conviction, nor conveyed with such talent, in a theatrical work – or any work of art – before. Tse’s script is beyond beautiful.

It is intelligent, fierce, and compassionate. Chris Green is a natural performer who clearly shares a strong connection with the work. His micro-expressions and gestures are a joy to watch. Cain’s direction demonstrates a great understanding of the script – without fail, each decision he has made complements its ebbs and flows, its highs and lows, and its power.” Madelaine Empson – Regional News.

“Tse’s words are silver threads on storm clouds as she stitches a delicate mix of light and dark of his journey… The relatable characterisation of Green and May interweaved with the poetry hits home and pulls you under. The specificity of May–her collection of driftwood, boxes of watercolours–makes you fall in love with the complexity of her as he does. Green is charming and soft. He retells his memories fondly, and there’s something about the look in his eyes that makes you want everything to be okay for him.” - Courtney Rose Brown – Art Murmurs

The Man has composure and “Under is a beautifully crafted, skilfully presented piece of theatre... sensitive, nuanced, delicate, often reaching up to the poetic.” - Tim Stevenson, Theatreview

Under is a very intimate yet intimidating play,  no-fuss theatre but as complex as a neutron bomb set to explode.


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