Starring Robyn Patterson

21st November 2019

Helene and Gordon are stuck in South Africa and stuck in their rut.

One longs to get out and experience everything retirement has to offer, while one won’t leave his milk tart.

When they finally immigrate to Otemoetai, in rural New Zealand, the result is heartbreaking and hilarious as they discover it’s hard work to find ”home.”

A dark comedic solo show about leaving everything you’ve ever known and starting over again.

Written & performed by Robyn Paterson.

“A flawless performance” –The New Zealand

 Short and Sweet Theatre Festival

“The script cuts deep to the bone” –Theatreview New Zealand

Robyn Paterson

Actress/Writer/Company Founder 
South African born actress Robyn Paterson has been a professional playwright and actress for over 14 years in theatre, film and television in Australia, New Zealand and London. Her latest credits include playing the lead in the London immersive theatre show, The Generation of Z and Channel 4's Anzac Girls, which premiered in 2015. 
She has been writing theatre since 2010. Her first one-woman show 'Introducing Anna' had a sell out season at Auckland's Basement Theatre in New Zealand. Her second play in 2011 'Mooi River' was third place in the New Zealand 'B4 25' Playwriting Competition. 
Her other work, including the full length play 'The World's First Fight', was shortlisted for the New Zealand Playmarket Adam Playwriting Award in 2015 and her newest play 'The Radio Interview,' was shortlisted in the 2015 British Theatre Challenge. After finishing writing the current version of The South Afreakins and wrapping up Edinburgh Festival '16 with a sell-out season,  she was invited to perform at the 2017 VAULT Festival in London, and subsequently also in New Zealand, at the 2017 Basement Theatre Festival.

Xiomara Meyer       

Executive Producer
Xiomara Meyer was born in 1994 in Chetumal, Mexico to a Paraguayan mother and German father. She spent her childhood travelling and living in various countries due to her father's job as a forester, and in 2007 moved from Honduras to Vienna, Austria. The positive cultural shock of settling in a first world country was enhanced by the introduction of drama as a school subject (one which is not often taught in Latin America). There she took part in various high school musicals and plays, and also joined an amateur band where she played lead guitar.

 While her interest in theatre grew, so did that of literature. She wrote her first novel at age 16 as part of a 10th grade fail-or-pass project. Following her supervisor's encouragement, she continued to write in her free time, leaning more and more towards the horror and gothic genre.  Wanting to pursue the creative industry professionally, she moved to London in 2013 to study at Kingston University, and in 2016 graduated with a BA (Hons) in Drama with Creative Writing.  She has worked as a background artist for feature films including "Kill Your Friends" (2004) and "A Hundred Streets"(2014), took part in Opera de Bauge production “Aida at the Rose”, and collaborated in various theatre and short-film productions, most recently in the physical theatre production titled “T.E.A.R.’s”, directed by Oliver Horsfall and Rory Campbell, performed at the 2016 IYAF in Kingston. Her written work is based on a psycho-evolutionary approach to horror, often combining archaic eras and motifs of morality and the supernatural. Aside from full-length novels, Xiomara has also written short stories, musicals, scripts and poetry collections. 
Currently she resides in London, and is part of the Impi Theatre Company, working as producer for The South Afreakins.

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