The Daylight Atheist

Starring Michael Hurst

11 Aug - 12 Aug

Written by:  Tom Scott      
Director:  Colin McColl, Auckland Theatre Company

Political commentator and cartoonist Tom Scott has traded the political for the personal as he delves into his past and this brutally honest, fiercely funny and moving portrait of his father.

An instant hit when it premiered in 2002, The Daylight Atheist, stars Michael Hurst in a not-to-be-missed repertoire experience.

Ageing Irish raconteur Danny Moffat retreats from the harsh light of the world to his bedroom. There, under hoardings of old newspapers and beer bottles, he sorts through a lifetime of memories and regrets, from growing up as a boy in Ireland, to the hopes and disappointments of immigration to New Zealand.

Tom Scott’s wonderfully inventive and fiercely funny play is a stirring portrait of his father, a deeply flawed yet charismatic bloke.

The Age, Melbourne - "Has its audience roaring with laughter” 

NZ Herald:  " ... a highly entertaining show ... sparkles with wit ... Michael Hurst nails the part with a bravado display of vividly animated story-telling.  His performance establishes a confessional tone that draws the audience into the harsh truths of a man who feels no need to conceal his nastiness.  It also succeeds in evoking the pathos of a profoundly tragic figure who wilfully rejects the sustenance which comes from normal human intimacy ... superb production".

Broadway World:  "Michael Hurst is simply captivating as Danny Moffat.  Hurst didn't show us the life of Danny Moffat, he took us with him, melding skills with charisma ... 'The Daylight Atheist' is a must-see".

Show Times

Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th August

Act 1 - 50 mins
Act 2 - 30 mins

Ticket Prices

$30  Adults
$25  Seniors
$15  Students

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