Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy

New Zealand Tour 2020

8th February 2020

Two of Scotland’s most lauded traditional musicians bring their passion for Scottish music to New Zealand for the first time.  

Take the oldest Scottish instrument, the clarsach (harp), and the newest addition to the traditional music arsenal, the guitar, and throw them in the musical blender of Scotland’s biggest city Glasgow and out comes Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy! Superb instrumentalists with a shared passion for traditional tunes, they perform as if sharing one mind. 

Don’t expect to get a nap in during a Rachel and Ron performance. While they might lull you for the start of a set into thinking you will hear spa-ready harp music, don’t be fooled. Passionate about sharing the history of the harp and the culture of Scotland, the duo charms audiences wherever they go. From crisp strathspeys and heartfelt airs, to virtuosic reels and driving jigs, Rachel and Ron have combined their influences to embrace the rich cultural tradition in Scotland. 

As individual award-nominated musicians, their inspiration spreads far and wide across the globe, having racked up performances throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and North America and they recently released their 5thalbum to great critical acclaim.

Hair stands at the forefront in today’s Celtic harp revival and is unique in placing Scotland’s oldest instrument at the helm of her music, performing, teaching and promoting it worldwide.

Hair states “It’s always been a dream of mine to take our music to New Zealand. I’ve heard it said before that New Zealand is like Scotland on steroids… everything, the beauty, the mountains, the lakes, is just magnified, and we truly believe that our music will fit in just perfectly there! We’re passionate about sharing our culture with those that we meet on our travels.Traditionally our music is passed on by ear, in the aural tradition and we’re very excited that this tour will give us the chance to pass on our knowledge of our precious Tradition to local musicians as we combine our concert touring with workshops. We hope in return to learn a little of the traditions that exist in the communities in their beautiful country.”





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