Jan Preston

25th August 2019

"88 Piano's I have Known" Tour

The show Jan is performing is called "88 PIANOS I have Known" with extraordinary images of pianos (yes 88 of them) and personal anecdotes, as well as new songs (Same Sky, Olds on the Loose) and a new killer version of a tune called Nutrocker, based on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite played in fast boogie style.

Jan has been practising this a lot and her left hand is threatening to seize…....well hopefully not until the end of the tour!!

Jan was born in Greymouth on the remote West Coast of the South Island of NZ.  Her family had little resources or opportunity, but she grew up in an era where people would gather around the piano and sing together. From when she was very young she played piano while everybody sang along or played tea chest basses, eggbeaters, combs, violins, even an old saxophone.

Jan had an Auntie who played honky tonk style and she heard Winifred Atwell along with early rock n roll on their old Columbus Radio in the kitchen. Playing piano from the moment she could reach the keys and being spurred on by her older sister and brother who both played, she studied classical very seriously, becoming a star student, passing all her grades with distinction and gaining a very prestigious place (one of 4 students from the whole of NZ) to study a 5 year classical piano degree at Auckland University.

Although Jan loved classical music, by the end of the degree she decided she wasn’t happy to be a concert pianist or, more likely, a piano teacher.  So she cut off her hair and moved to Wellington where she experimented with different styles of music, working in an independent theatre group and then rock bands.

In 1980 her band, “Coup D’Etat” had a No. 1 hit with the song “Doctor I Like Your Medicine”, after which Jan moved across the Tasman to Sydney, playing in bands and piano bars as well as writing music for films.  It was some years later before Jan found her own voice, as a boogie piano player and songwriter.  So here she is, still resident in Sydney, but constantly touring to play festivals, concerts and shows around the world, (even a recent trip to China), and Jan is so grateful for the success and musical path she has found.

Jan Preston is still enormously passionate about music and has so much more to play, sing and write!


http://www.janpreston.com/   plenty of info here bio / blog  / new cd 


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