HOBNAIL 25th Anniversary

Boots and all Tour

18th July 2019

Wellington’s much-loved Hobnail celebrate the huge milestone of 25 years together and still going strong! Presenting ‘Boots and All’, their 25th anniversary Best of Album and their national tour!

It’s June 1994, and a brand new band called Hobnail Boots take the stage at Wellington’s Molly Malones. Within 18 months the band has recorded their first album, and Rob Joass (guitar and vocals) and Jo Moir (violin and vocals) have embarked on their first trip through North America and Europe.

25 years later and they have made their way through marriages, divorces, growing families, 7 albums, over 1,000 shows, at least 100 trips across Cook Strait,hundreds of flights, and somewhere north of 250,000 km’s in the tour van.

The well-travelled Wellington group have devoted fans across New Zealand & overseas and are celebrating this milestone at a time when, collectively and as individuals, they’re hitting a peak of their musical powers. They are 3-time finalists at the NZ Music Awards for both albums and singles, and both Rob Joass (a songwriter’s songwriter – NZ Musician) and Caroline Easther (legendary drummer of the Chills, Verlaines and more) have released well received solo albums in 2019.

Where many bands struggle to happily make two years, let alone 25, Hobnail continue to go from strength to strength. Their music shows a great understanding of each other’s playing style and thinking, and there is no denying the quality of the music they write and interpret. They also like each other, a big help in maintaining harmonious relations. As drummer Caroline Easther says “my favourite thing about Hobnail is that we’re like family…we go back a long way and have each other’s backs”


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