The Saffron Tour

15th February 2020

Hayden Chisholm might be a native
of Taranaki,but these days lives in
Europe where he has made his
home for more that 25 years.

Since moving to Germany in 1993
to study at the Cologne College of
Music, he has performed his music
in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa
and of course – when the chance
arises around Aotearoa.

That opportunity has arisen again
this summer when he will perform
around New Zealand with his
local group UNWIND

Hayden will be joined by New Zealand music legends:
Paul Dyne - bassist with Malcolm McNeill, Rodger Fox Sustenance
Julien Dyne - drums with Fat Freddy’s Drop, Ladi6
Norman Meehan - pianist/composer
Hayden will be performing original music that might know about jazz, but also dances with Indian raga, chamber music, and folk traditions.

Although he has purposely kept a low profile in the last few years, preferring to spend time with his family in Belgrade where he now lives, he has built a reputation as one of the most individual and outstanding voices on his instrument worldwide and has gathered a collection of important prizes and accolades. He has also been active as a producer and festival director and worked hard in promoting young talent throughout Europe. His yearly masterclasses in Greece and Germany have come to attract some the world’s best young saxophone talents from across the globe. 

While Hayden may have lived away from Aotearoa for a long while, he still feels his music is connected to the country. He said ‘A good half of my life I have been based in Europe, but I still feel very much like a New Zealander. You carry that with you wherever you go. I think the strongest underlying current you take with you, as a New Zealander, is the feeling of the land you get growing up here: being bare-foot on the grass; the colours and the smells. That connection to the land is a very powerful thing, and while that will not necessarily pull you back here, it will define you in a strong way.’

The group perform around New Zealand this February in a tour supporting their new album Saffron, released by Rattle Records. At the conclusion of the tour Hayden will perform a new setting of the Evening Canticles at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul on March 1. 



 Hayden Chisholm




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