12th April 2019

Join Soroptomist International on Devon for a wonderful and inspiring film fundraiser.   A lovely old fashioned English dessert Lemon Posset will be served with Lemon Shortbread. Two very special raffles will be held 

EDIE is a bitter, gruff woman in her eighties. In the months following her husband George’s death, Edie’s strained relationship with her daughter Nancy begins to worsen. The question over Edie’s future looms large; while Edie tries hard to convince Nancy she can manage fine by herself, Nancy is making plans for her mother to move to a retirement home. 

Edie feels like it is the beginning of the end. It seems she will die with all the regrets of her past intact and one regret haunts her most of all.When Edie was married, her father planned a climbing trip for them in the Scottish Highlands. Edie yearned to go, but her husband George, a difficult and controlling man, made her stay at home, Nearly thirty years later, Edie decides to make the trip herself alone…..

Starring:Sheila Hancock as EDIE

Kevin Guthrie as Jonny 

Follow the wonderful tale of Edith Moore as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to rekindle childhood memories that have been clouded over by the fear of growing old. Employing Jonny as a trainer and guide, we watch the relationship between two entirely different generations bond over their mutual love for the outdoors.

“A thought-provoking film as to what we should do with our lives.” 

“This film has so much heart, courage and determination”

Soroptimist International on Devon is part of a global network that advocate and work towards human rights and gender equality across the globe.  
As part of our international work, our small local group works with a Nepal based NGO against human trafficking and child exploitation.  In particular we support the lives of two young woman rescued from a life of homelessness and exploitation. 
All proceeds from the screening of EDIE will be spent directly on these young women (Tina and Ina) and their future.                                


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