HE MANU ANO - Mini Release Tour

05 Sep 2020

In a celebration of Aotearoa’s wildlife, the tales and melodies of our native birds will be translated into unique storytelling waiata

Aro consists of husband and wife Charles (Ngapuhi) and Emily Looker. The pair share a passion for the power of language and music to tell stories and remind us of our cultural identity. The duo were finalists for the Maioha Award at the Silver Scrolls (2019) and the APRA Best Children’s Song Award for their song Korimako (2020).

The duo have spent time researching the stories and sounds of each bird, and understanding their character to create upbeat waiata inspired by nature, and wholly original to Aotearoa. The kaupapa behind this project is to address identity, and to encourage people to be proud of who they are as Maori and as New Zealanders. Using the birds characteristics and Maori myths about the birds, the waiata tell a story of trying to find one’s place in the world.

The first single Kotare is a showcase of the distinctive sound that Aro has become known for; a warm blend of pop, RnB, jazz, and taonga purou. The track is a jubilant guitar driven melody, inspired by the kotare (kingfisher). The gorgeously harmonious dual vocals carry the song, Emily's honey-voiced jazz blending with Charle's full throated sound with shades of haka, to allow the poetic te reo Maori lyrics to truly shine. Punctuated with percussive clicks and joyful whistles, Kotare is an uplifting and beautiful example of the energy of the manu. The lead single Kotare is available for streaming and download on all platforms from 13 August, including on Spotify, Apple Music andBandcamp. 

The five track EP He Manu Ano, will be released on 27 August and is an extension of their bilingual debut album Manu, which told the tales of 10 native manu, playing on the birds characteristics and some of their significance for Maori – through a mixture of vocals, Maori rhythms, chants and instrumentation. The EP will consist of songs of the most requested birds that did not appear on their first album, and will be entirely in te reo Maori.
“The musicianship throughout – haunting and interlocking vocals, stick percussion, evocations of taonga puoro, touches of Latin rhythms – is clever and diverse”
– Graham Reid, Elsewhere - Manu album review


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7pm Saturday 5th September
Doors open 6:30pm
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