Get Back to work

23 Jul 2021

The 2020 lockdown was devastating for some, liberating for others, and possibly a combination of both for many full-time musicians. On the one hand it meant a sudden drop in income, but on the other an opportunity to stop travelling, ‘pivot’ towards new ways of connecting with audiences, and, in Andrew London’s case, write some new material.

With no choice but to focus on their duo performance, The London bubble of Andrew & his bass-player wife Kirsten recorded a series of 40 minute ‘Live at The London’s - Direct from The Home Office’ shows which they made freely available online and promoted through their extensive email database and social media connections.

The technological up-skilling required to record from home with top-quality audio and video resulted in a ‘hugely gratifying response’ says Andrew. ‘I think there was an appetite out there for online entertainment during those quiet few weeks, and we were able to reach thousands of people and share their experience of the lockdown in a fun and empathetic way’.

The enforced isolation also proved fruitful on the songwriting front, with inspiration coming from a variety of places - Donald Trump, the family dynamics of the lockdown itself, recollections of past tours and collaborations. This ‘Covid Suite’ of songs has been added to half a dozen recordings on which work had begun prior to the lockdown, and now appears as a whole new album entitled ‘Get back To Work!’. After popular demand in the wake of previous releases, song lyrics and notes about the songs have been included, so the album is a true snapshot of the year that was 2020, lockdown and all.

Despite having played mostly as a trio for over 20 years, Kirsten and Andrew are currently touring as a duo, since all the songs on the new album were conceived and recorded in this format, and much of their repertoire has been rearranged to suit. This has enabled Andrew to present many of his lyric-dominated songs in a sharper more focused package, with satire, irony and ‘wordsmithery’ to the fore.

The first half is focused on the album, and the second is a selection of back-catalogue favourites and re-imagined covers, usually complied in haste at half-time with input from the audience.

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