Richard Gilewitz

15th May 2019

It is a pleasure to have Richard back on stage again

Acclaimed acoustic guitarist and an extremely funny man!!

“Richard delivers a magical journey of solo acoustic guitar with amusing tales along the way. His tales are spirited stories into the world of a touring musician and his tunes are adventures as their instrumental wanderings reveal surprises with each note"

He is a powerhouse on the international guitar scene and has toured the world too many times to count.

Known as a fingerstyle wizard and raconteur, Richard creates lively journeys topped with laughter and sparkles of mood mastery and wonderment with his use of banjo style picking patterns, classical arpeggios, tapping and harmonics, along with his rhythmic and percussive touch.

His shows are laced with sounds of acoustic fingerstyle guitar of the Americana and traditional, folk and blues, Spanish and European classical, and somewhere in between as this veteran performer captures a history of fingerstyle guitar.

As a youngster, Richard embraced artists such as The Beatles, Andres Segovia, Leo Kottke, Arlo Guthrie, John Fahey and Flatt & Scruggs. Soaking up the wealth of inspiration supplied by the diverse acts featured on the “Dr. Demento Radio Show” and “The Midnight Special”, Richard welcomed the challenge of mastering and adapting many styles of music for the acoustic guitar – a trait that continues to mark his signature 6 and 12-string sound today.”

"I actually wanted to be a drummer. Five minutes after my folks heard that news, they bought me a guitar. I tried flat-picking, but the pick kept falling in the hole. At one point I thought about playing a harmonica, so I blew on that for about a month. Then a real harmonica player saw me in action and said, 'Did you know if you breathe in you get all the other notes? You could ride down the road and hold it out the car window and get what you're doing.'
So I recovered and rediscovered fingerstyle guitar."-- Richard Gilewitz

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