My Name is Moana

9th May 2019

Water, Ocean, Moana, Music – ‘My Name is Moana’ is an intimate 90-minute tribute to the ocean, led by celebrated singer/songwriter Moana Maniapoto, arts laureate and a 2016 inductee into the NZ Music Hall of Fame.

AOTNZ audiences loved Moana and her fellow musicians when they toured in 2017. Now by popular acclaim Moana, Trina and Paddy are back, this time with Cadzow on electric and acoustic guitar. In ‘My name is Moana’, through a mix of music, myth and personal anecdote, we discover and share our relationship to the Ocean - and to each other.

This show celebrates our relationship as New Zealanders to the Ocean through a mixture of music, myth and personal anecdote. An intimate, uplifting and often humorous experience, “My Name is Moana” includes garage party classics as well as those inspirational songs which have taken Moana and her musicians across 30 countries.

Singer/songwriter, documentary maker and writer, Moana Maniapoto has played hundreds of concerts throughout New Zealand, the Pacific and around the world. The awards just keep on coming. But what you probably don’t know is that Moana is a gifted storyteller - hanging out to share tales of life on the road. Moana also grew up on “garage party” songs. She intends to whip out her battered old party guitar and keep up with Cadzow, a very flash guitarist. 

Electronic Music Producer Paddy Free has fused his love of electronica and traditional M?ori music to earn himself a special place within the NZ music industry – and internationally. He produced albums for Ng? Tae, Toni Huata and Moana & the Tribe but is most famous for being one half of electronic act Pitch Black. Paddy writes music for dance pieces for WOW and the Auckland Arts Festival. During our last Arts On Tour, Paddy’s impersonation of a radio announcer was so perfect, he scored a voice-over at the radio station in Geraldine.

Vocalist Trina Maniapoto started singing publicly in kapa haka in Rotorua as a member of T?hourangi-Ng?ti Wahiao. Trina’s debut stage performance was at Te Papa, a week prior to a 34-gig tour across Europe. She was so good, we kept her on. Favourite performances? Kalamata (Cultural Olympiad, Greece 2003) when the band led indigenous artists from US, Australia and Hawaii in a 20-minute, impromptu jam. Then there was that gig at the Sydney Opera House. Trina may have packed her poi away, but her harmonious singing and ukulele skills mean she’s a keeper.

Cadzow Cossar is one of NZ’s “tastiest” guitarists, both on electric and acoustic. He easily conjures up the sound of an entire band all by himself. Proving that music is a universal language, Cadz directed a 12-piece orchestra in Florence and trained up a bass player in Russia, all without speaking a word of Italian or Russian. A patient sort of guy, which is why Cadzow shares his talents as a tutor in schools. But all those tall tales of life on the road? He saves those for late night sessions with the band. However, it’s highly likely he will spill the odd secret during the My Name is Moana tour.  

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