Banff Jury Comments: The jury agreed that one film in this category stood out because of the honesty of theprotagonist and its refreshing filmmaking style. In this era of social media, our feeds are full ofprofessional athletes 'living the dream'. This film digs a lot deeper. The filmmaker successfullyemploys some unorthodox techniques and the filmmaking feels fresh, at times even borderingon experimental. It is a 'warts and all' profile that leaves an audience with a true rendering of awell-known climber, and a film which transcends its category.


Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Comments:The Jury found this film to be direct and nuanced at the same time, treating important anddifficult questions that are seldom brought up within the context of climbing. It engages gently,setting a tone, but circles back with considerations about self-image, doubt, family, love,obsession and escape. It presents as very human and doesn’t insist on anything, and it falls farshort of drawing a conclusion, yet it is somehow endearing – showing us the fragility in‘hardcore’. Often telling three different stories at the same time, this work is nevertheless onepiece, holding its focus throughout, with polished editing, intense visuals, and a strongconnection to the viewer during the narrative. Then it leaves you with a tentative smile, ratherthan a slap on the back

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