Paul Ubana Jones Reviews

And here comes this man from Yorkshire, who plays Hendrix like only Hendrix could play himself, and turns a John Lennon song into something greater than perhaps not even Lennon could have dreamt of.

When he played "Norwegian Wood” it reminded me of what Nina Simone did for the Bee Gee’s “Love Somebody” –a sentimental love story that could easily fall into corniness is elevated, dignified, turned into an act of magic that, again, pulls us in.

We were no longer in Palmerston North on Friday night. This man with his many guitars and his many lives took us somewhere else, a place of wonder we didn’t know we needed to go to. You can tell this man has lived, has been places, some of them dark, when you’re listening to “Rest in my Arms” or “My Lucky Star.” I suspect there is a great deal of Yorkshire left in him and more travelling ahead, with his Protean guitar and that wonderful voice that makes you feel the stories come from afar, somewhere deep, a place touched by lightning, as we all were that night. If only our pockets were deep enough, as his song goes, to carry the diamonds he’s leaving on his trail"

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