Anthonie Tonnon Reviews

This is roadtrip music for vintage geeks - window down, elbow out, sights seen through horn-rimmed Clubmasters.
He’s an old soul, youthful in a nostalgic way, with a civilised quality. Like looking at photos of Granddad before he was even a Dad.
Slick-back hair, suit jacket. “She carries albums in her mind from another time”, sings Tonnon.

There’s something delicious here that’s hard to identify, like an NZR tearoom savoury.
Meaty, spicy, little nuggets to really chew down on, leaves an after taste that lasts for the whole ride home.
THE HOOK - Jess Soutar Barron August 2019 

“I’ve come to realise that the only reason a performer deserves to have people turn up and give them an hour of their valuable time is if that performer has spent a lot more time preparing for that hour than the audience has. If you can distil 200 hours of research and preparation into an hour on stage, then you can transcend time, and that’s where the magic of performance comes from.”
NOTED - James Belfield September 2019 

RADIO NZ NATIONAL - with Jesse Mulligan 
Anthonie Tonnon's Rail Land Tour is a love letter to passenger rail in Aotearoa.

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